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Naturally flavored White tea makes an amazing addition to your tea selection. Why? It's the perfect way to introduce your customers to the wonders of White tea. White varieties have been going through something of a boom in recent years, particularly amongst baby boomers seeking out healthier food choices. White tea is very high in polyphenols and antioxidants and can be enjoyed any time of day. Our flavored varieties mean your customers can enjoy all the goodness, and something different, all week long. Encourage sampling and watch this market segment grow.
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Adam's Peak White TeaAdam's Peak White TeaDelicate, very light liquoring with notes of pine & honey.
Blueberry White TeaBlueberry White TeaThe premium white tea accentuates a healthy fruity finish. Naturally flavored
British Earl White TeaBritish Earl White TeaThe bergamot flavor in a delicious Natural Flavor white tea.
Cloud Forest Rainbow White TeaCloud Forest Rainbow White TeaDelicious vanilla and pomegranate flavors combine to give a dessert in a cup.
Cream Earl Grey White TeaCream Earl Grey White TeaSuperb union of seasonal white tea and Earl Grey. Naturally flavored
Crested Crane Pai White TeaCrested Crane Pai White TeaKnown for it's black teas, Kenyan whites offer layers of malty Kenyan pedigree with peachy white notes.
Lady Earl White TeaLady Earl White TeaLady Earl White tea gives a feminine twist to the classic Earl Grey Tea. Real Bergamot Oil on lush Peony White Tea with hints of lavender and pink rose petals allow the delicate white tea to come through while the subtle flavor of white tea allows you to truly taste every lovely note in this fine blend. Lady Earl White tea is not as heavy on the Bergamot Oil as Earl Grey tea.
Monk's Blend White TeaMonk's Blend White TeaSmooth with madagascar vanilla notes and a touch of pomegranate pungency. Sweet pecan like finish. Naturally flavored
Oasis Mango White TeaOasis Mango White TeaMango abounds and the mellow character notes of white tea accentuates the experience. Naturally flavored
Peach Apricot White TeaPeach Apricot White TeaHas muscatel-like notes reminiscent of premium 2nd flush Darjeelings with light fruit finish. Naturally flavored
Peony White White TeaPeony White  White Tea(also known as Pai Mu Tan) Peony White Tea is from the Fujian province of China. This tea is made from the unopened buds plucked in the early spring making it a sweet, mild tea.
Pomegranate Madagascar White TeaPomegranate Madagascar White TeaVelvety smooth vanilla is livened by spritely pomegranate. Notes of tarts and nuts come to the fore. Naturally flavored
Sakura Cherry Rose White TeaSakura Cherry Rose White TeaLightly rose with astringent cherry notes. Natural white tea character abounds. Naturally flavored
Tangiers Lemon White TeaTangiers Lemon White TeaExquisite lemon note the white tea lends a lovely sweetness. Naturally flavored
White Mischief White TeaWhite Mischief White TeaPomegranate and guava can get you into a healthy dose of trouble. A great cup of white tea is a good way to go. Naturally flavored
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