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The city of Okazaki, located in Aichi Prefecture, is the fireworks capital of Japan - more than 70% of the country’s fireworks are produced within the city limits. Interestingly, while fireworks have been made in Okazaki since at least the day of the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603 –1868), most of the companies that produce them are no more than 30 or 40 years old. Why? Due to Japanese insurance regulations, if a factory blows up it’s cheaper to start a new company. Ka-boom! (Another interesting fact - since this happens once or twice every few decades, you won’t find one fireworks manufacturer who lives anywhere near their place of business.)
Naturally, for a city made famous by blowing things up, the biggest day of the year in Okazaki is a fireworks festival that draws revelers from all over Japan. The night is huge - fireworks are set from two locations far enough away not to shatter windows in the town. The festival is so famous that its size is considered a good indicator of the state of the national economy. If things are good, the explosions are plentiful. If the economy is lagging, they’re a little thin.
What does all of this have to do with a decaf green tea blend? Well, we figured that after a night spent listening to the sounds of countless Roman Candles and watching the visual majesty of star burst after star burst anyone would need a soothing beverage to help chill them out. Okazaki Mint was blended to do just that. The blend begins with a premium decaffeinated Sencha that’s fired up with luscious spicy peppermint and mellowed out with fruity floral notes of camomile. An exceptional decaf full of flavor and body.
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