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Mint and Camomile together! Is it good? The answer is a resounding yes, but even so, perhaps we should do a quick literary and historical consultation to confirm. We begin with mint:
Ah Mint! Amen!
It can take away your headache,
And relieve your upset tummy.
It can make your house smell fresher,
And your tea taste extra yummy.
(Carla J. Nelson)
Next, Camomile – In The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter writes that after a day of adventure, Peter “was not very well during the evening.” So, his mother, being the wise woman she was prepared some camomile tea and “gave a dose of it to Peter. One Table-spoonful to be taken at bedtime.”
So…is it good? We’ll take that as a yes. Historically speaking, Camomile, scientifically known as matricaria and Mint, mentha, have both long been regarded as health giving herbs. How long? We turn again to literature. In 1629, a man named John Parkinson wrote a book entitled A Garden of Pleasant Flowers in which he states, “Camomill is put to diverse and sundry uses, both for pleasure and profit, both for inward and outward diseases, both for the sick and the sound.” Stretching even farther back, it is believed by some that mint was one of the herbs commonly prescribed by Merlin the Magician, back in the court of King Arthur to alleviate stomach ailments and aid in digestion. Whatever the case may be, literary or historical, we can tell you that as a soothing, before-bed beverage, Organic Sleepy Mint is a blend people will be writing about for centuries to come. The Camomile will calm you and the mint will stimulate beautiful dreams – enjoy!
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